Transforming Patient Flow: Innovation, Collaboration and Engagement

The 2nd International Patient Flow Congress will unite the healthcare sector to address the challenge of optimising patient flow management. Healthcare providers are utilising strategic tools to improve patient care and to minimise delays through each stage of their care experience.

For this year, the congress committee has put together an exciting and informative program which will feature a series of international and local speakers sharing significant insights in a series of keynote lectures, case studies, roundtable sessions and panel discussions.

The two day main congress will have an extensive programme that covers numerous topics including strategies for improving patient flow, optimising access and safety for patients, and improving the quality of patient care in the region.

The workshop day will provide the opportunity for interaction with practical and dynamic content be shared by industries leading experts that will challenge your approach towards patient flow and help you apply best practices in your everyday work.

With significant growth expected in the healthcare sector in the region backed with a strong government vision for the sector, efficient and effective patient flow is now becoming more important than ever.

Join us at the 2nd International Patient Flow Congress and learn more about the efficient patient flow approaches that have proven to simultaneously improve quality and reduce cost.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the event.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Dr. Samer Ellahham
Chairman, The International Patient Flow Congress, Middle East Chair, Patient Safety Movement, Cardiology Consultant, Heart and Vascular Institute, Cleveland Clinic Caregiver, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi


Who Should Attend the International Patient Flow Congress